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Appetizers - Appetizers

Michael's Chicken Fingers

Served with curly fries and a side of BBQ sauce.

Regular $14Buffalo Style $15Hawaiian Style $15
(Select 1) Side:BBQ Baked Beans Cole Slaw Potato Salad Macaroni Salad Side Salad Cup of Tortilla Cup of Chili Mashed Potatoes & Brown Gravy +$1Roasted Veggies Fruit +$1Curly Fries Natural Cut Fries Macaroni and Cheese +$1.50Corn on the Cob Garlic Fries +$1.50Onion Rings +$1.50Bowl of Tortilla +$3Bowl of Chili +$3Loaded Mash Potatoes +$2Rice Pilaf
Extra Dressings:Ranch +$0.75Spicy Ranch +$0.75Blue Cheese +$0.75Italian +$0.75Honey Mustard +$0.751000 Island +$0.75Balsamic Viniagrette +$0.75Buffalo Sauce +$0.75Caesar +$0.75Creamy Pesto +$0.75