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Heroes BBQ Favorites - Heroes Entrees

Heroes Red Tractor BBQ Chicken Platter


We start with two quarter Chickens, and then you pick only 2 additional BBQ Favorites. 

Choice of : 

-1/3 Rack St Louis Ribs (If choosing 2 orders of Ribs, additional 1/3 rack $4)
-6 ounces Smoked Brisket
-6 ounces Pulled Pork
-2 Cajun Smoked Sausage Link

All topped with a choice of one of our House BBQ Sauces. Served with mac and cheese and Heroes BBQ baked beans. 

Sauce choices: House BBQ, Carolina Gold, or Chino Valley Fire.

BBQ Sauce:Traditional BBQ Sauce Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce Chino Valley Fire Sauce Mango Habanero Citrus Chipotle Wing Sauce Dry
BBQ Protein (1):Brisket Pulled Pork Ribs Cajun Sausage BBQ Chicken
BBQ Protein (2):Brisket Pulled Pork Ribs +$4Cajun Sausage BBQ Chicken
Extra BBQ Sauce:Traditional BBQ Sauce +$3Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce +$3Chino Valley Fire Sauce +$3Mango Habanero +$3Citrus Chipotle +$3Wing Sauce +$3

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