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Heroes Family Feast Packs - Pick Up Specials

Cajun Shrimp Orleans Feast


Tray of fettuccine pasta served with bell peppers and red onions, Cajun sausage, shrimp, and tossed in house made alfredo sauce. Served with 8 halves of our famous cheese bread, and a tray of house salad with choice of dressing.

Feast Dressing Choice (8 Ounce):Ranch Blue Cheese Italian Honey Mustard Thousand Island Balsamic Viniagrette Spicy Ranch Creamy Pesto
Feast Tray Add Ons:Grilled Chicken (4 Breasts) +$14Grilled Steak (4 Pieces) +$18Grilled Shrimp (10 Pieces) +$18Grilled Chicken (1 Breast) +$7Grilled Steak (1 Piece) +$8Grilled Shrimp (4 Pieces) +$8
Extra Feast Dressing Choice (8 Ounce):Ranch +$3Blue Cheese +$3Italian +$3Honey Mustard +$3Thousand Island +$3Balsamic Viniagrette +$3Spicy Ranch +$3House Wing Sauce +$3BBQ +$3Mango Habanero +$3Citrus Chipotle +$3

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